Tired of storage bills while waiting for valuations on clients’ cars?
A solution is at hand!

AutoValuation aims to take the pain out of clearing personally imported vehicles and other vehicles requiring independent valuations by providing an Australian-first on-line appraisal service to your company and your clients.

How we work.

Traditionally, importers had to wait until their car has arrived in Australia for this appraisal to occur, which can often result in clearance delays and expensive storage charges. Through our on-line appraisal service, AutoValuation enables importers to apply for an appraisal at any time, taking the guesswork out of calculating the cost of importing their vehicles.
For your company, this means you can simply send your clients directly to our website and they can assume the responsibility for providing an independent appraisal even before the vehicle has arrived in Australia. Alternatively, if you’d rather send us the appraisal requests yourself, we can bill your company monthly and provide you with your own login access to all current and previous appraisals. What’s more, we have a generous discount system arranged for corporate clients dealing with higher volumes – contact us for more information.

How we can benefit your business.

We’re fast.
There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for days on end for a valuer to make the trek to the port to value a vehicle, especially if you are the ones who must then explain to the customer why they’ve accrued storage charges. In our current testing phase, we have returned every appraisal via email to the applicant in under 24 hours where all the correct details have been supplied. We are confident enough in our service to offer you a money-back guarantee if your appraisal is not received in under 48 hours*.

We’re good value for money.
No more having to adjust the costs of appraisals based on the port of destination! We charge a flat fee of $300+GST (around €208 EUR at the current exchange rate) for one-off valuations irrespective of where the vehicle is landing, or less for high volume and/or corporate clients.

What you get for your money.

Please find attached a sample of a completed appraisal. As you can see, our appraisals are professionally presented and very thorough, completed by staff with more than 20 years’ combined experience in the imported vehicle industry. Our valuation figures are taken from a variety of sources, and we have in place various quality control systems to ensure that our appraisals are both consistent and fair.

Where you can sign up.

Our website is still in the testing stages and we expect it to be up and running for use by corporate and private clients shortly. As you can probably imagine, we want to make sure everything is working correctly before opening it up. In the meantime though, we are already able to complete your appraisals if you supply us with all the details via email at info@AutoValuation.net.au

*please see trading terms for full details of the "48 Hour Money-Back Guarantee"